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Open day

A welcome for everyone to the new home of Osteopathy For Life here at the Wellness Suite with the first of a series of opendays with talks about various aspects of health and wellbeing. Come along for all or part of the event.

Open day

Saturday 11th November 2017
From 1.30 pm till 6.00 pm

We have an afternoon of short talks arranged as follows:

1.30 pm Arrival
1.45 pm Welcome to The Wellness Suite

2.00 pm Its not for me - a short introductory talk about osteopathy - for anyone who has musculo-skeletal pain and has thought that nothing can be done to help and that they have to 'learn to put up with it'..

2.30 pm Osteopathy in the 21st Century - A brief history of Osteopathy, its origins, progression to professional status, regulation of osteopaths, and how Osteopathy has advanced to become a Primary Care profession.

3.00 pm Development of postural problems in early life - Of interest to parents with children or young adults. We will discuss the development of postural habits that shape our development and stay with us throughout life leading to potential musculo-skeletal issues later in life.

3.30 to 4.00 pm Tea & biscuits

4.00 pm Enhancing performance through postural alignment
. Here we will look at common postural issues that may affect performance in sport, which with the correct treatment can lead to improved performance, reduced risk of injury and better recovery. Of interest to professional and amateur sports people, particularly runners, swimmers, cyclists, and skiers.

4.30 pm Introtuction toPilates - A look at this popular form of exercise routine as an aid to recovering and maintaining tone and flexibility.

5.00 pm Balanced Nutrition for a Better Life - A look at how modern lifestyle and diet can impact upon our health and choices we can make to help ourselves

5.30 pm Questions and Answers - an opportunity to put questions to a panel of therapists.

6.00 pm Goodbyes

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