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Peter is a tall 6ft 3in active, 30 year-old who came to me beset with various issues that had plagued him for some time and had began to affect his enjoyment of his favourite sport, basketball. His recovery from each game seemed to be ever more prolonged until he visited me, having been recommended, (as most people are), by a friend, to have a consultation with me. Previous diagnoses had seemed to result in attention to individual localised joint problems with no overall view of how one part of the body affected another. His testimonial in his own words is shown below......
Tall Active 30yr old Basketball player
Kate had suffered the pains of prolonged and intensive training in pursuing her love and dedication to dancing. It was with an episode of neck pain that she first turned to osteopathy in the search for relief having previously consulted her GP to no avail. Kate relates her experience of having osteopathy in her own words.........
Kate a 26 yr old Dance Teacher
Monday 15th February 2016
I first developed problems with my pelvis and particularly my sacroiliac joint after a difficult labour with my first child which ended in an emergency Caesarian section.
Pelvic imbalance caused by difficult labour
Thursday 8th September 2016
Bess was recommended to visit the clinic by a fellow volley ball player when she experienced an acute bout of neck pain. Read what she had to say...
" Thought that I was going to spend the rest of my life with debilitating lower and upper back pain".
Data Inputter - Osteopathy For Life Patient Testamonial
A recent high quality study has demonstrated that paracetamol is no better than a placebo in treating acute episodes of low back pain.
Drivers who fail to wear seatbelts correctly are at risk of injury according to the British Osteopathic Association (BOA). While most people are fully aware that wearing a seatbelt saves lives, the majority are not aware that the way they sit in a car plays a huge part in their personal safety.